Zodiac Signs That Are Most Unfriendliest 

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Some people are always upbeat and friendly, while others keep their heads down and attempt to avoid encounters with others. 

Continue reading to learn which sign of the zodiac is the most unfriendly, ranging from being a little bit distant to always being antisocial.

People born under this sign are dedicated to helping others and take great pleasure in finding answers to difficult questions. 


Loftis adds, "If you think that Virgo is judging you, you're right; they are," and he means exactly that. They have a more critical outlook on themselves.

It's possible they're just not feeling nice or welcoming since they're going through a rough patch internally.

You can expect a Capricorn's temperament to turn chilly if you get in the way of them while they're trying to achieve something.


They are cruel and highly organized, and if anything goes wrong, their dispositions could take a turn for the worst.

These earth signs won't let you ride on their success, and while they'll be kind and cooperative at work, they probably won't invite you to a drink after hours.

Scorpios are the least sociable of all the signs. They don't let you into their inner circle unless they're confident you're trustworthy.


Pluto is the planet of destruction, thus just reading their expressions or seeing their body language can wreak mayhem. 

They have a propensity to feel superior to those around them and will not even offer you a sideways glance if they are intent on doing something.

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