Zodiac Signs Prone to Cheating in Relationships

Gemini is the zodiac sign most likely to cheat. Their energy and adaptability make them charming, but their unpredictable nature makes them easily bored and likely to stray.


Libras are sweet, gentle, and love peace, but they make the cut as the most unfaithful female zodiac sign. Their indecisiveness leads them to cheat.


Aries men are passionate and quick to woo, but their restless and impulsive nature makes them the most unfaithful zodiac sign. Women are less prone, but still beware.


Pisces may seem gentle, but their escapism and impetuous nature makes them one of the most likely signs to cheat. They seek what's opposite and easily fall for romantic gestures, often straying if unhappy.


Capricorns seek stability in relationships and are typically faithful, but may break hearts if they find someone more promising.


Sagittarius: loyal and independent, but resist commitment. They may cheat if feeling constricted and seek an open relationship as an option.


Leos are loyal and crave attention. As long as they feel loved, they won't cheat. However, if neglected, they may seek attention outside the relationship.


Scorpios can be loyal and supportive partners, but they can also hold a grudge if cheated on. They may even cheat to get revenge.


Virgos are kind and supportive partners, but also perfectionists. They won't cheat, but may end things if their standards aren't met.


Aquarians are loyal and detest cheating. However, they can get swept away in the moment with someone who understands them, leading to micro-cheating.


Cancers are loyal and nurturing partners, unlikely to cheat. They will work hard to fix a rocky relationship. But take them for granted at your peril.


Taurus, a fixed sign, enjoys the comforts of life. As long as they receive ample love, they won’t stray. But a lack of comfort may lead to a breakup.


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