Top 7 Most Dangerous Birds in North America

While the bald eagle is an iconic symbol of freedom, it's also a formidable predator. With powerful talons and a sharp beak, it's capable of hunting sizable prey. 

Bald Eagle

Don't be deceived by its wise appearance; the great horned owl is a skilled hunter with powerful talons and keen night vision. It can take down prey larger than itself. 

Great Horned Owl

Northern Goshawk

Known for its agility and aggression, the northern goshawk is a fierce raptor. It's capable of striking with incredible speed, making it a formidable hunter.

Despite its graceful appearance, the snowy owl is a skilled predator. It has sharp talons and beak, and it's known to defend its territory vigorously. 

Snowy Owl

The golden eagle is a powerful bird of prey with remarkable strength. It's been known to take down larger mammals, showcasing its hunting prowess. 

Golden Eagle

Known for its haunting call, the barred owl is also a proficient hunter. It possesses strong talons and is known to aggressively defend its nest. 

Barred Owl