Meet These Amazing Green Bird

The resplendent Quetzal, native to Central America, flaunts emerald plumage and a vibrant red breast. Revered by the Mayans, it's a symbol of freedom and beauty.


African rainforests hide the elusive African Green Broadbill, a master of camouflage with its mossy-green feathers.

African Green Broadbill

Eclectus Parrot

Dressed in striking emerald and crimson, the Eclectus Parrot is a paragon of tropical beauty from the Solomon Islands to New Guinea.

Found in the lush woodlands of Central America, the Green Jay is a stunning combination of vibrant green and electric blue.

Green Jay

With its bright green attire and playful disposition, the Monk Parakeet has become a beloved resident in many cities worldwide.

Monk Parakeet

A true forest gem, the Amazonian Motmot boasts stunning green plumage and its distinctive racket-shaped tail feathers.

Amazonian Motmot