Meet 8 Birds with Yellow Chest

A dapper visitor to gardens, the American Goldfinch boasts a lemon-yellow chest, contrasting with its ebony wings.

American Goldfinch

This warbler, like a splash of sunlight, showcases its brilliant yellow plumage, making it a sought-after sighting in wetlands.

Prothonotary Warbler

Eurasian Blue Tit

With azure wings and a lemon vest, the Eurasian Blue Tit is a European gem that adds a burst of color to woodlands.

Found in western North America, the Hooded Oriole's golden chest is a beacon of warmth amidst the green canopies.

Hooded Oriole

True to its name, the Yellow Warbler wears its sunny hue proudly, lighting up the trees across North America.

Yellow Warbler

Endemic to South Africa, the Cape Canary's radiant chest is a testament to the vivid beauty of the region's avifauna.

Cape Canary

A master of the treetops in Central and South America, the Yellow-rumped Cacique sports a golden bib that commands attention.

Yellow-rumped Cacique

In the heart of Africa, this warbler dons a sunny vest, adding a splash of color to the continent's diverse avian tapestry. 

African Yellow Warbler