Jimmy Buffett: 15 Unbelievable Hidden Facts That Define His Legacy 

He's the mastermind behind the Margaritaville restaurant chain, serving up tropical vibes and delicious food worldwide. 

Restaurant Mogul

His fans, known as "Parrotheads," are a dedicated community who dress in tropical attire and attend his concerts with fervor. 

Parrothead Army

Besides his music, he's also an accomplished author with several best-selling novels, adding 'author' to his list of talents. 

Literary Pursuits

Buffett once owned a charming Caribbean island, known as "Margaritaville," where he held private concerts for close friends. 

Island Escape

He is not just a musician but a licensed pilot who owns a seaplane, which he often uses to reach his island concerts. 

Pilot's Paradise

Before conquering the music scene, Jimmy majored in journalism and minored in the fascinating world of marine biology. 

Marine Biology