Discover Top 9 Rare Cats In The World

There are 9 rare cats in the world

The egyptian mau cat is the fastest domesticated cat that can reach speeds of up to 30 mph

Thekurilian bobtail cat is a beautiful shorttailed cat from the russiankuril islands and is great for households with children or other pets

Havana brown is a cat breed that was created by breeding black domesticated cats with siamese cats

The sokoke cat is a rare cat that is found in a forest preserve in africa

The burmilla cat is a rare breed of cat that is a low maintenance companion

The peterbald cat peterbalds were created in 1994 by breeding an oriental shorthair with a sphynx

The laperm cat is a rare and friendly lapcat that was appeared in the 1980s due to a genetic flaw

The american bobtail cat was created in the 1960s by crossing a siamese with a male tabby