Discover 8 Birds That Look Like Duck

In the world of ornithology and birdwatching, ducks are a beloved avian species.  Join us on this fascinating journey as we explore eight birds that look like ducks.

Let’s get started!

Muscovy Duck 

This large, distinctive duck is often mistaken for something entirely different. With its red facial caruncles and unique coloration, the Muscovy duck is a head-turner. 

Wood Duck 

Wood ducks, with their iridescent plumage and elegant crests, could easily be mistaken for a duck species from a different dimension. 

Common Eider 

These cold-water ducks boast a unique appearance, especially the males with their stark white bodies and black bellies. 

Northern Pintail 

With its long, slender neck and pointed tail feathers, the northern pintail often confuses bird enthusiasts who mistake it for a duck from afar. 

Fulvous Whistling Duck 

Resembling a cross between a duck and a goose, the fulvous whistling duck's distinctive markings set it apart from typical ducks. 

Hooded Merganser 

The hooded merganser's fan-shaped crest gives it an air of mystery, making it a standout among waterfowl. 

American Robin

The American wigeon's striking white forehead and unique head shape often lead to misidentification