Discover 7 Incredible Facts About Flying Fish

Flying fish are some of the most astonishing and remarkable creatures in the ocean. They have developed a unique adaptation that allows them to glide above the water's surface, escaping predators and covering impressive distances  Here are seven incredible facts about these extraordinary fish:

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Gliding Masters:

Flying fish are not capable of sustained flight like birds. Instead, they use their specialized pectoral fins to glide through the air.  

Wings of Fins:

Their "wings" are actually elongated pectoral fins that act like wings when they leap out of the water. 

Escaping Predators:

Flying fish primarily use their gliding ability to evade predators like dolphins, tuna, and larger fish. They leap out of the water at high speeds to escape becoming a meal. 

Speedy Takeoff:

Flying fish are speedy takeoff artists. They can launch themselves out of the water at speeds of up to 37 miles per hour (60 kilometers per hour).

Variety of Species:

There are about 64 recognized species of flying fish found in oceans worldwide, with different sizes, colors, and wing shapes. 

Life Above and Below 

Flying fish are typically found in warm oceanic waters and are known to spend most of their lives near the surface of the ocean.