Delta To Change The Use Of Airport Lounges For Card Members

Delta wants to change the use of airport lounges for card members

The atlantabased airline is changing how customers can gain entry into its sky club

American express platinum and platinum business cardholders will get six visits a year if they spend 75000 on the card in a calendar year

Business cardholders will get 10 sky club visits a year if they spend a minimum of 75000 on their card

Deltas skymiles platinum and platinum business american express cards will no longer give club access unless the customer buys a club membership or has elite status with delta

There is a yearly membership for deltas lounges

Customers who book a basic economy ticket will no longer be allowed in deltas lounges if they have a premium credit card

The airline struggled to handle over crowding at popular lounges

Delta is making it more difficult for its customers to get status on its skymiles program