9 Worst Blizzards in United States History

Known as one of the most devastating blizzards in American history, the Great White Hurricane struck on March 11, 1888. 

The Great White Hurricane (1888)

In the same year as the Great White Hurricane, the Children's Blizzard swept across the Midwest on January 12, 1888. 

Children's Blizzard (1888)

Knickerbocker Storm (1922)

On January 28, 1922, Washington, D.C., was hit by a crippling blizzard that dumped over two feet of snow in less than a day.

On November 11, 1940, the Armistice Day Blizzard struck the Upper Midwest 

Armistice Day Blizzard (1940)

The Northeastern United States faced another crippling blizzard on February 5, 1978. Known as the "Great Blizzard of 1978," it featured hurricane-force winds and dumped heavy snowfall.  

The Great Blizzard of 1978

In March 1993, the "Storm of the Century" swept across the Eastern United States. It was one of the largest and most intense storms in U.S. history, impacting over 26 states. 

Storm of the Century (1993)