7 Best Dog Parks in Stockton 

Barkleyville Dog Park

Nestled within the scenic Louis Park, Barkleyville Dog Park is a favorite among local pet owners.

Pixie Woods Dog Park

Located within the magical Pixie Woods Park, this dog area is a paradise for pups and their families.

Michael Faklis Park

Caldwell Park's dog area offers a mix of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. Dogs can explore the trails and open spaces while enjoying the park's lush surroundings.

Morelli Park

Morelli Park's dog park is a hidden gem in Stockton, offering a spacious off-leash area for dogs to stretch their legs.

Stribley Community Park

Situated within Stribley Community Park, this dog park provides separate play zones for large and small dogs.

Oak Grove Regional Park

Oak Grove Regional Park's dog area offers a blend of open spaces and water features, making it a hit among water-loving pups.