12 Popular Brown Dog Breeds

There are 12 popular brown dog breeds

Labrador retrievers are a popular choice for companion pets among families all around the world

Pit bulls are a breed of dog that are often unfailingly loyal and have lots of energy

They make up for their lack of height with their bright personalities

The poodle poodles are best suited to a home with plenty of physical and mental enrichment

Boxers coat requires little grooming and should be brushed weekly

People who arent able to exercise a large athletic dog breed can be perfect companions for chihuahuas

Although it is possible to see bassets in solid brown it is not accepted by the american kennel club

They can be aloof and strong willed but that doesnt mean they are right for everyone

Australian shepherd dogs need more exercise than most dog breeds

These dogs arent for everyone but they can make great friends with proper training and socialization