10 Out Of The Box Schools Across Globe

There are 10 out of the box schools

The school was founded by ed hubbard in salem massachusetts

Prostitution is a legal career in spain and there is a particular school where it is taught

Train Platform School India Inderjit Khurana A Young Teacher From Odisha Established A Special School For Impoverished Children On A Train Platform.

Snake Charming School India It Is A School Where Young Children Are Taught The Finer Points Of Snake Charm.

Brookly Free School Usa This School Does Not Have A Specific Curriculum Or Any Rules That Students Must Follow.

Boat School Bangladesh Every Year Floods Wreak Havoc In Bangladesh Disrupting Classroom Instruction.

Dongzhong School China This Is One Of Such Schools Where Kids Are Educated In Caves. It Was Founded In 1984 In Guizhou China With 186 Pupils And 8 Teachers.

Abo Elementary School Usa The School Was Built During The Height Of The Cold War Tensions Between The United States And Russia.