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10 Dumbest Birds in the World Now

10 bird species that are sometimes considered less intelligent compared to other birds, but it's crucial to remember that they have unique qualities that contribute to their survival in their respective environments

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Common Loon 

Common Loons are known for their haunting calls and beautiful plumage, but they are often described as less intelligent due to their sometimes awkward movements on land.


Cassowaries are large, flightless birds known for their powerful legs and sharp talons. While they are not necessarily "dumb," their behavior is often described as primitive. 


Wild turkeys may not exhibit the same problem-solving skills as some other birds, but they are highly adapted to their environment. 


Emus are flightless birds native to Australia and are sometimes considered less intelligent due to their sometimes erratic behavior. 


Rhea species are native to South America and are large, flightless birds. While not unintelligent, their behavior is sometimes seen as less complex compared to some other avian species. 


Guineafowl are known for their loud calls and ground-dwelling habits. They may not exhibit the same level of problem-solving behavior as some other birds. 


Pigeons are often associated with city life and may not be perceived as highly intelligent, although they are excellent navigators.