10 Best Indoor Plants That Purify Air

There are 10 best airpurifying indoor plants

Spider plant can be placed on a countertop and look beautiful in hanging pots

You can water the plants weekly in the summer and winter

Motherinlaws tongue snake plants are vey hardy and can survive in very low lights and without water for days

Money plants need a lot of light and water and they have green leaves

Areca Palm Not Only Do They Immediately Lift The Look Of An Indoor Space But They Are Also Very Effective In Removing Toxins From The Air. Even If You Have Pets You Don'T Have To Worry As These Are Non-Toxic.

Aloe Vera These Plants Are Great Air Purifiers. Of Course Aloe Vera In Itself Has Many Healing Properties From Being Effective In Treating Wounds To Sunburns.

English Ivy They Are Excellent Air Purifiers. Its Foliage Can Also Help Reduce Mold - So It Can Be Useful To Keep These Plants Ina Damp Space Like The Bathroom.

Boston Fern This Beautiful Indoor Plant Removes Harmful Elements From The Air And It Also Restores Moisture Levels Naturally Thus Improving The Humidity Levels. Place Them On Balconies Or Near Windows In Indirect Sunlight.